Sussex butchers

Handmade artisan sausages in Hailsham East Sussex

Gourmet artisan sausages Halisham East Sussex in the south of England

The Sussex Larder is a traditional craft and family butcher offering a wide selection of gourmet sausages in addition to their Long Man Brewery signature sausage. Pork blended with seasonings and Sussex Best Bitter with Kentish hops.

Artisan sausages Halisham East Sussex southern England

Pastry Products; steak & chicken pies, sausage rolls.

Homemade sausage rolls Halisham East Sussex the south of England

Pasties and traditional suet puddings.

Homemade artisan pasties Halisham East Sussex the South of England

A Quality Food Company offering Farm Assured prime beef, free-range pork, lamb & fresh poultry from English farms delivered on a daily basis.

Fresh local mutton Halisham East Sussex

Over The Last 20 Years The Sussex Larder Has Built An Enviable Reputation For Producing Additive & Gluten Free Products Including Quiches, Pies, Sausage Rolls, Flour, Easy Roll Pastry, Pastry Shells, all low in salt and sodium

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