The chilli was first brought to Europe from South America by Christopher Columbus. From there it spread rapidly around the world and is now found and grown extensively in Africa, Asia and Europe. Having become the most universally popular spice used by millions of people on a daily basis. It’s popularity rooted in exotic accounts of adventure, destinations, travel and comfort foods.

Best hot chilli sauces in the UK

Which is where Blackfire Artisan Food got started. The result of 30 years of travel and tasting by Belfast native, street artist, grower, sauce alchemist, and chilli fanatic Tim McCarthy.

Artisan comfort foods in the UK

Having eaten street food in Central and North America, Africa, the Far East and the Middle East as well as most of Europe and the Indian subcontinent Tim founded Blackfire in 2014 to satiate his appetite for fiery food.

Homemade artisan chilli sauces in the UK

It’s a small Belfast based company specialising in the creation of unique, handmade, fresh chili sauces. Which are all vegan-friendly, allergen and gluten-free as well as being low in calories. They contain only natural ingredients and are free from added sugar and salt as well as artificial colours or preservatives.

Handmade chilli sauces in the UK

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